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Radio Interview with Zach Hively October 29, 2018 (Two mistakes were made in this interview. First, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk about my first illustrator and BFF extraordinaire, Robbie Myers! Check her out at Waffle Art; Second, well, you’re just gonna have to listen to find out!)

New Children’s Book Addresses Depression; The Pine River Times, The Cortez Journal, and The Durango Herald, January 4, 2019

Two Local Authors Headed to Dolores Public Library; The Journal, December 18, 2018

Bayfield author releases second children’s book: The Mango Tree is a story of personal growth; Pine River Times, May 24, 2018

Bayfield Author Writes About Santa Claus; Pine River Times, September 3, 2015

Life-coaching Praise:

Brooke has this way of making you feel totally calm and comfortable. She helped me pull up the curtain on some things that I have been ignoring for a while and I left our session feeling clearer and more focused on how to tap in to and explore my passion with more intention. I have been doing my “homework” and have noticed I am more intentional with my time and I am feeling less scattered and distracted. Thank you Brooke for holding the space and helping me tap back into my magical self!  I can’t wait to see what our next session will bring. –Liz Palomba 

Brooke gave me the best coaching experience of my life. Simple, straight forward tools that helped me deal with my blocks in such an amazing, down to Earth, practical way, that without much struggle, they crumbled to pieces in front of my eyes, even the ones I had been struggling with for years. -TG

My testimonial for a wonderful life coach.  Brooke Smith is a life coach who will lovingly help you and guide you on your journey to a better you.  If you are stuck she will help you become a new you.  She has helped me in the lowest point of my life and now with her guidance I have become much lighter and joyful and true me. -Jenna Stumpf

Book Praise:

A friend recommended this picture book so I bought a copy, not knowing what it was about. I coordinate a reading program at an elementary school so am always on the lookout for new books. This is a charming book about a kind and fun tortoise with flair who has sad times and retreats into her shell; but with the help of understanding friends she is able to reemerge. I have bought another copy for the school counselor. I think it will be a great addition to her office library. This is a great book to start a conversation about depression and sadness; for oneself and how to help a friend in need.– Soonie (Tortoise and the Flair)

This is a well-written story of life and friendships. Illustrated beautifully, Julieta shines as the star, and overcomes some issues with help from her friends. I highly recommend this book! Perfect for young children and adults alike. – DW, (Tortoise and the Flair)

Honestly, one of my favorite books. I bought this book initially to give as a gift to a co-worker who was operating under a cloud this Christmas, having to explain to his kids that he had been fibbing all these years about the jolly Fat Man in Red. He dreaded the devastation the news might bring and the damper on their holiday. Yet they are at the age that they would likely hear it from one of their peers, and that would be even worse. The book reveals the truth about Santa — that he’s an inside-job — in such a fun and loving way, kids are certain to embrace this totally ALIVE, new and very real Santa.
– Glenna W. Heller (Brinley Discovers Santa)

Such an amazing book! I loved it and the illustrations were beautiful. This is going to be a new Christmas hit! – Jenna Stumpf (Brinley Discovers Santa)

A gift to parents everywhere – a gentle and loving message to help children transition from believing in Santa to learning to embody the spirit of Santa themselves. -Amazon Customer (Brinley Discovers Santa)

The message in this book is GREAT.  – K. Teacher (Brinley Discovers Santa)

Brooke Smith’s new book is a nice read for kids… or Buddhists… or people who might want to think more like kids or Buddhists. The story has a wise message. Check it out. Could be a pleasant read for a little one you know and/or yourself. -John E. (The Mango Tree)

Imagine being able to experience your life as an observer from the beginning of form taking place, and you’ve found a great means to reflect on your life and your relationship to all of life. That’s what I have found in The Mango Tree. Brooke Smith has offered one speaking about experiencing life from its onset, as a seed, a presence of life even before existence in form. What is it that would perceive something happening in such a way? Who is the observer reporting- the Spirit of the Mango Tree?      The Mango Tree represents the ability to accept life, to accept the environment and relationships generated through life, a state of allowing life to flow, and a state of gratitude. Written as a children’s book, it serves as a reminder and opportunity for each reader to recall the innocence of their child that always remains intact. I see it as an opportunity to live and love, now. Thanks for writing this book. Let’s see what this offers to children of all ages. – Rev. Bill (The Mango Tree)

This is a charming story of growth and determination told from the perspective of the tree itself. A wonderful tale to read aloud to children because the format invites questions. How can they relate to what the tree is experiencing? What do they understand about the world that the tree feels but cannot define? The illustrations are delightful and the language is beautifully descriptive. One of my favorite things about the writing is that the vocabulary is varied and possibly challenging for the youngest listener but presented in a way that will make sense to all and even expand their love of language. I look forward to more wonderful work from this author! – Donna Coleman (The Mango Tree)

My kids love zoology books. This book touched them with blending science and introspective growth. I loved how much my son thought and loved this book. – Mary (The Mango Tree)

What an awesome book. It is really beautifully written. The descriptions are so vivid, which can be a rarity in children’s books. The story has a wonderful positive message about how we are all connected and to appreciate each other. I would highly recommend this book.– Kelz (The Mango Tree)

Beautiful book! An amazingly written story! Engaging and a great read for all ages! – Lasater L. (The Mango Tree)

Magical book for all ages. Children will love the colorful pictures and Learn about life at the same time. Adults young and old will learn about themselves and their own journeys through life. Great read!– Jenna Stumpf (The Mango Tree)

I’ve really enjoyed reading this book aloud to my children. With thought-provoking aspects for all ages, it is a sweet metaphor for life itself.– Dan G. (The Mango Tree)