Brooke’s Marketing Team (click here to read more)

Meet the Wonder Storm Productions Marketing Team, Nicholas and Warren (two of Brooke’s trio) as they work hard to welcome visitors during the Durango Coffee Company  (now Durango Roasters; link below) Brinley Discovers Santa book signing event.

It takes a network of helpers to work authentically and artistically, and these are just two of the patient people who have supported me in my wild ventures to become an author!

Bayberry Jam 2015 (click here to read more)

While riding the SWaG Barrel Train during the 2015 Bayberry Jam, Robbie Myers, illustrator for Brinley Discovers Santa, promotes the book while Brooke promotes Robbie’s business, Waffle Art (link below).

Robbie is an extraordinarily talented artist. She paints emotional pictures and takes elaborate photographs.

During one of Robbie’s visits to Colorado, she and Brooke attended a local music festival: Bayberry Jam, which is put together by one of the organizations for which Brooke was (then) on the board of directors. BAAM (Bayfield Association for the Advancement of Music), is a NPO that supports the Bayfield High School’s music department (link below).

Robbie and Brooke had just worked hard and fast to complete Brinley Discovers Santa for publication and were inspired to share both of their arts – for Brooke, her writing; for Robbie, her paintings and photographs.

Promoting yourself is hard. It’s actually one of the most difficult parts of the artistic process – for Brooke, anyway… and for Robbie, too.

Wandering around this music event, Brooke tried to tell people about her book; and Robbie tried to show people her art. But what they actually found themselves doing was hiding. They were both hiding from the promotional aspect of their work.

Brooke approached Robbie and said, “We need to switch. Give me your business cards, and you take my book, and we’ll promote each other.” It worked. They ended up selling paintings and photos and books!

Sometimes you just need that extra push. And a really good friend.