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My story:

Are you an Aspiring Writer who doesn’t know where to begin?

I help people who dream of writing to conquer whatever blocks them so they can publish their books while finding joy throughout the entire process!

I entered the publishing world in 2015 when I was offered a contract for my book, Brinley Discovers Santa.  It was thrilling to receive a contract and be finally recognized for my writing! Holding that contract felt like I had just won an award! It was an amazing process working to complete the book.

I will never forget the feeling when I opened that box of freshly published books!

I learned a lot by publishing with a traditional publisher. I learned about their marketing strategies, how they funnel their authors into bookstores, website development, and much more. Some of it worked for me, their shiny new author, and some did not.

About a year after publishing my book, I received a letter from my publisher. They were going out of business and offered me the opportunity to buy back my title. I did, immediately. They sent me an email with a PDF copy of my work. I downloaded my book onto a thumb drive and sat with it for about six months.

My publisher’s bankruptcy turned out to be my best learning opportunity ever!

With the publisher’s contract, I was bound to their rules and regulations. This was okay most of the time, but sometimes I felt out of the loop with my book. The publisher was responsible for setting up my events, my readings, and bookstore holdings. They were responsible for all of the marketing for my book and also for marketing me, their new author. They managed my website. But with the terms of their contract, I wasn’t able to create a Facebook post with my title, and I wasn’t making a lot from the sales of my book.

After purchasing my book from my publisher, I held that thumb drive in my hand, and I thought, “What am I going to do with this now?” I started looking into self-publishing. It took very little effort to upload and republish my book. Within just a few days, my book was republished under my Wonder Storm Productions, LLC FOR FREE, and it is making about four times what I made with the traditional publisher.

I share my story to show my experience with both publishing modules.

When first looking into publishing, it may seem daunting. A quick Google search will give you a hundred different ways to publish a book. A lot of questions stem from that search: What’s the quickest, least expensive way to publish? Do I need a copyright? How do I get a copyright? What’s an LCCN? Will bookstores and libraries carry my book?

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I have navigated both the traditional and self-publishing industries and have respect for them both. We will decide together which way feels best for you!

I’ve conquered my own writer’s blocks.

I know how to feel my way into the industry so that it’s fun the entire way through the process.

I will assist you to find your Why: The real reason you’re an aspiring writer, or the real reason you simply aren’t writing!

I’ll walk alongside you as we navigate the entire writing process (from pen-to-paper through printing to publishing) joyfully and playfully!

Publishing a book might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

I hold the step-by-step tools to get your book printed and published. You hold the key to discovering and sharing your voice. Together we will reach your goal whether that goal is to open a box of your freshly published books for the first time, or writing a family history, or developing a script for a play.

The first step toward reaching your goal is to Imagine It!

Let me help you imagine!

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Why I Write

While hosting a book reading for an intellectual fifth-grade class, and having relatively deep conversations with my audience, my WHY for writing overcame me like a torrential flood: Conversation and connection.

Children are open and willing to talk. They are able to be vulnerable, still. They want to share. They want to be heard. They want to know that we care, that they have a place to explore their opinions and feelings.

This is the reason for my stories. To talk, to open the conversation, to be vulnerable.

About Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith was born in Santa Cruz, California, spent five years on Kaua’i and finally settled near Durango, Colorado where she lives in the mountains with a blended, curious, fun-loving, noisy family.  Brooke is becoming a life coach, hosts labyrinth retreats, is involved in different community organizations, works at the local library, writes, and continues to create, ponder, and discover.

Brooke has four published books, Brinley Discovers Santa (2015),  The Mango Tree (2018), The Tortoise and the Flair (2018), Inspirations (2019), which is a book compilation of writers telling their inspirational journey. She’s working toward publishing her fifth title, BUCKET. Additionally, she works with storytellers; those who tell their stories but have a hard time writing them down. Finally, she’s working on her own autobiography.

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